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Pond Cleaning

We clean ponds from 50gls upto 10,000gls throughout Sussex all year round.
We clean ponds all year round for many different reasons.
  • Too much silt and a build up of leaf matter over the years
  • Plants never been maintained and over grown the pond
  • To many fish and the stocking needs reducing
  • Needs repair and leaking
  • Over feeding your fish puts lots of nutrients into the water which can encourage the growth of nuisance algae.
  • Poor maintenance of filter systems can lead to recycling of fine silt back into the pond, covering plants and discolouring the water.

A Pond In Need Of Help

A pond in need of TLC to get back into a healthy condition. This is normally our first view of a pond desperately in needed of restoring. Don’t worry we are able to look beyond this and see the potential lying underneath.

Storage Tanks For Pond Water

Tanks are set up to help store as much clean, clear pond water as possible. To be re-used back into the pond, plus pond fish, plants with other creatures and wildlife are all held in the aerated tanks.

Cleaning In Process

The pond is completely emptied. The silt is
removed and spread around planted boarders, the pond is lightly scrubbed to remove further silt and algae then hosed clean.

  • Pond plants are removed, cleaned , trimmed back and repotted where needed.
  • Pond pumps and filters are overhauled
  • The pond is filled as much as possible with the original clean water
  • Tap water is used to top up the pond and treated to make it safe

Time To Enjoy

The pond is now clean and ready to flourish again given a little time.

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