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Pond Fibreglassing

Fibreglass is the ideal choice of lining concrete ponds, creating that perfect finish and lasting 20+ years.

We can fibreglass and restore your old concrete pond or water feature, providing the complete service from start to finish. Not only do we renovate old ponds we also build new concrete ponds and fibreglass them.

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We don’t subcontract, we do all the work ourselves Peter Philpott and Claire Philpott (husband and wife) with occasional a little extra muscle from our sons, all the photos we take are of our own work we have done.

We offer the whole pond service from the pond prep, fish storage to create the perfect fibreglass finish to your pond.

Fibreglassing Benefits

Concrete ponds only last a certain amount of time before leaking and fibreglass is the perfect choice for that super clean look which lasts around 25yrs or more.

One of its main advantages over pond liner is it can’t be punctured by herons, dogs, children etc.. like pond liner.

Prepping Your Pond

Prepping your concrete pond for fibreglassing.

We will clean your pond thoroughly whilst storing all the clean water, fish, plants and wildlife in our tanks with air pumps to make them comfortable.

We will overhaul and clean your pond pumps, external filters systems and cut back your plants and pot them up correctly during the clean.

To achieve the best adhesion for the new fibreglass as possible the existing concrete lining would be cleaned to removed as much algae and loose dirt.

Any cracks or major holes would be filled in as the fibreglass is like a skin and moulds around any imperfections making them potentially visible.

We have a more descriptive page on cleaning please take a look at the cleaning page.

Smooth, Clean Finish

For that super strong and smooth finish we use a 3 layer fibreglass laminate, with the last layer being a fine fibreglass which gives a super clean finish. With no unsightly folds and resistant to uv, fibreglass is a cost effective solution over the long term.

We recommend you can choose British racing green or black as it doesn’t show up dirt and algae like the lighter colours.

We are an established pond company from 2000 and been in the pond trade for over 25yrs. We cover West Sussex, East Sussex and Surrey.

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