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Pond Planting

We create tailor made planting schemes for a colourful and diverse eco system.

Pond plants are often overlooked and not fully understood, they do provide the pond with lots of extra benefits.

  • They are an eco system for many water loving animals ;- Dragonfly, frogs, toads, newts, diving beetles and much more.
  • Help with water quality by filtering out nutrients
  • Compete against algae
  • Keeping the water cool in the summer
  • Oxygenating the water
  • Provides shelter and areas for fish to feel safe, laying eggs and for the younglings to hide from predators
  • Aesthetically appealing to look at
  • Brings other animals to the pond such as birds, hedgehogs and wildlife
We can plan and implement a planting scheme that suits your pond.

Choosing The Right Plants

Generally marginal pond plants which sit on the shallower shelves in the pond tend to come in 1ltr or 2ltr baskets, such as iris. Lilies and deep water plants often come in 3ltr pots and oxygenating weed in bunches.

Larger specimen plants can be supplied from time to time, such as 20ltr lilies for the larger project. Pond plants are fast growing and it doesn’t take them long to grow.

Potting Up

We pot up the new plants into larger mesh pond baskets which are lined and filled with purpose made aquatic compost then topped with a coarse gravel.

We do this because it provides the new plants with all the nutrients and room for the to grow quickly but also this adds weight to the basket so the plants don’t get blown off the shelves or knocked by larger fish.

Time To Watch Them Grow

What to expect in the first year of planting.

The new plants will take time to bed in and put on some growth and maybe flower. The following years is where you will start to see them really grow and flower. Pond plants when established will grow quickly as they are in the perfect growing media, water. Make sure after a few years in situ you trim plants regularly at the end of each year as they will potentially overtake the pond.

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